Femur’s Band

Femur  Bay Band Stallion

Bay Band Stallion

After leaving the grey bachelors and jogging back to my car to replace the batteries in my camera we drove down the road when I noticed a herd of horses up along the tree line.  To get closer it would only be about a mile up hill.

Yellow Cat, Kinstry and Sunka of Femur's Band

Yellow Cat, Kinstry and Sunka of Femur’s Band

The colors of the herd were amazing; grey, red dun and grullas.  And the cutest of them all is a little grulla colt that looks identical to his mother.

The young colt was napping when I got closer, his mom walked away with the other mares and left him snoozing.  I waited for about 20 minutes photographing the other horses while I waited for the colt to wake up and when he did he slowly got up and stretched all he way out.  Then he went and hid in his mom’s tail and then he stood and laughed at the other girls in the herd.

Sunka Wankan born 8/2012 to Kinstry

Sunka Wankan born 8/2012 to Kinstry

Sunka Wankan – Grulla colt born 8/2012 to Kinstry and Femur

Kinstry – 2010 Grulla mare to Jet & Zephyr

Nimbus – 2010 Grey filly

Yellow Cat – 2009 Red Dun mare

Femur – Bay band stallion

Nimbus 2010 Grey Filly

2010 Grey Filly

Yellow Cat2009 Red Dun Mare

Yellow Cat
2009 Red Dun Mare

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