Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses

Femur's Band

Femur’s Band

Located approximately 40 miles East of Craig, Colorado past the very small town of Maybell is 160,000 acres of BLM land known as Sand Wash Basin.  If your driving to fast you may not see it.  It is in the middle of nowhere and it appears as if nothing but sage brush, scrub oak trees and rattlesnakes live there.  If you leave the main two lane road however, drive past the holding pens, past the big rock to the fork in the road you will find one of the prettiest wild horse herds around.

Nancy Roberts and a few other photographers have been documenting and watching over the horse herds here since 2009.  They know nearly every horse on this land, which mares are in which stallions herd, what foal was born to which mare and when.  When a wild horse comes up missing quite often it goes unnoticed but not at Sand Wash Basin.

I’ve been blessed to own horses my whole life; my mom always made sure there were 2 or more around.  I currently own 3 Quarter Horses who are my heart and soul.  My young horse, Blueper is my hero and my best friend, without him I wouldn’t be here.  He came from an abusive home and it took me months to gain his trust and respect.  He wasn’t the first abused horse I have owned, I’ve actually had several.  From them I have learned that horses cannot be bullied and beat into doing what you ask.  Once you have earned their trust and respect however you will get all you ask for, unconditionally and much more.

I’ve always loved wild horses and hoped that some day I would be able to spend time photographing them.  Growing up I read nearly every wild horse book written.  When I visited Sand Wash Basin the first time I had no idea what I was in for.  One look into a mustang’s eyes and there is no turning back.  They have seen your soul and you can’t let go.  Before you leave your already planning your next trip back.

“When people say it’s just a horse…………………………they just don’t understand.”

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